Eli Manning and the Giants Upset Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

Eli trumps the critics with an unforgettable Super Bowl ending as the Giants upset the Patriots 17-14 in Arizona - see more here. Much like Balboa in Rocky II, the Patriots and Giants traded TD's late in the game, but it was Brady and the Pats that couldn't get up before the ten count as the clock counted down to a stunning victory for NY.

The Patriots narrowly escaped the regular season matchup vs. the Giants in their 1st meeting, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that the game was so close. Yet with so many people feeling that they knew who the best team was and then they proceeded to discount the team that took the Pats the distance in Round One before the Giants fell to the Pats in the final regular season game.

The Giants felt they knew what they had to do to win. This Super Bowl wasn't about the return of Spygate, Tom Brady's ankle, or the most prolific scoring offense in NFL history, but the ability to stand tall vs. a tough opponent. Something should have told the Pats and NFL fans that the Giants match up well against the Patriots and in the NFL match ups count for something. Checking prior history during the '80s the Redskins had all kinds of difficulties with the Giants, but the Bears seemed to have all types of troubles with the Redskins when it mattered most in the post season.

The regular season meeting should have definitely alerted the Pats that this game would be anything but a cake walk. The Giants front four have carried the team to victory and lead the team in all respects. It was their ability to not only take a punch vs. the Pats in the first meeting but strike back. It was one of the few times a team was consistently able to move Brady and dictate where the Pats offense would be led.

Super Bowl XLII was slow at first but slowly and surely it became apparent that the Giants defensive line was dominating the Pats offensive line for which the Pats had only one late drive. This seemed poultry for such a high scoring offense. There were no big plays to be had by Moss or Stallworth or even Maroney. For all the high scoring games by the Pats in the early part of the regular season against teams without such a strong defensive unit, maybe a little more respect and much more smash mouth football against a team with pride who knows exactly what plays will be coming their way. What's more challenging - running up the score and going for it when you feel you'll make it or daring someone to stop you by running the ball? When they know you're running plays and what plays you run. This is smash mouth football.

Unfortunately for the Pats they didn't practice smash mouth football which helped lead them to three Super Bowl wins. They encountered the only team that constantly fought back and sent them flying back as Brady was constantly pressured, knocked down, and sacked. With such a strong pass rush from only four players it allowed the rest of the team to cover and follow their assignments.

No one believed that the Giants defense could hold up over the entire course of a game let alone the often erratic play and timing of Eli Manning would disappear. Although it's unfair to Elway for what he accomplished in his career, Eil led an Elway like performance as he marched down the field, eluded pressure on the key drive and found a way to hook up for a huge first down play that set up the game winning touchdown. It's a play just like this when a player escapes a sure sack and finds a receiver down field for a big play that you know this is part of something very huge.

Just like in the Rocky series, the two teams traded blows but it was the Patriots that just came up short with time expiring. The real questions is do the Pats want a re-match just like in the end of Rocky?
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Fassel's Fueled Up for the Redskins Coaching Position

Buckle up everyone and as Dark Helmet Losenoidoomock said in "Spaceballs", "Prepare for ludicrous speed!" As Big Money Tony mentioned in his posting Big Money Tony Fassel would be an awful choice as Head Coach for the Redskins. While we're drudging up failed former head coaches why not bring in Wayne Fontes for an interview. He certainly knows how to squander elite talent like Barry Sanders. Maybe the run 'n shoot offense will make a comeback. Better yet why not take look at Jerry Glanville because football would be anything but dull. There may be plenty of losing, but lots of entertainment. See more:  tickets to see matilda london

Let's recap Fassel's coaching record. He had a great defense that carried him during some winning seasons as the Giants head coach, as well as, some late season collapses. He became a consultant on offense for the Ravens and later the offensive coordinator before ultimately being fired from Billick. Most fans wouldn't perceive his offensive playbook as a high scoring.

Even more disheartening for Redskins fans is a report that Cerrato was promoted and that Dan Snyder & Cerrato is the new structure without a conventional General Manager. Is Vinny capable of looking Danny in the eye and say that Greg Williams is the logical choice? It's ok to be stubborn and want to do things a certain way by handling things yourself especially when you're the owner and it's your money, but the rational to go after someone else's coach or a retread coach when there's a competent one already there that could keep the continuity among the team and players. Furthermore, it was reported that Williams was backed by Joe Gibbs.

Why would Williams need to meet with ownership four times to see if they could co-exist? Would this be necessary for Parcells or Ditka? And if Parcells and his winning record told a meddling owner where to stick it and leave the football decisions to a football man b/c that's what he's being paid for then what would occur next - most likely nothing. Gibbs showed in V.1, V.2., and Nascar that surrounding yourself by the best and making good decisions leads to success, so why surround yourself by mediocrity?

To make such a decision that would run counter to the message being sent about keeping continuity or acknowledging that the assistant coaches at high paid salaries brought together by the Hall of Fame coach were good coaches that the players even were backing. This would certainly send a signal to the team. That signal would not be about winning, but about the "me" in tEaM.

Great! Does this mean I get my $500k back?

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Losenoidoomock was named AP Coach of the Year last week, a development that can be viewed as a bit of a surprise in the wake of his early-season spying scandal and subsequent punishment, which included personal and team fines, and forfeiture of a first-round pick. In the end, the unprecedented 16-0 mark was enough to outweigh any misgivings that may have lingered in voters' minds. And while he and the team are to be congratulated on the undefeated regular season, is Belichick's performance this year really worthy of Coach of the Year?

In 2007, Coach Belichick directed a Patriots team widely regarded as one of the most talented in the league, and one which had narrowly missed reaching its fourth Superbowl in six years. The team had made massive upgrades in its wide receiving corps, and landed one of the most sought after free agent defensive players, Adalius Thomas. Before the season started the Pats were a popular pick to win a fifth straight AFC East title and contend for another Superbowl championship. So although they did it in impressive fashion this season it's really not surprising that they have been successful.

Compare this year's seo jobs london performance to the 2001 season, in which he did not win Coach of the Year, when he led the team on a 6-game winning streak to finish the season, and eventually staged on of the biggest upsets in Superbowl history against the Rams. That year's team featured first-year starter Tom Brady, and an assortment of veteran castoffs including Bryan Cox, Terrell Buckley, Antowain Smith, and Bobby Hamilton. The Pats were coming off a 5-11 season the year before and no one really considered them a serious playoff contender, yet somehow Belichick and his staff were able to get the most out of that group, motivating the team to play their best football late in the season and into the playoffs.

To me, taking a mediocre team and getting them to play great is more impressive than taking one of the most talented and playoff-tested rosters in the league and directing them to a 16-0 season.

Looking Forward to Next Year - right

Another season comes to a close our Losenoidoomock and another offseason of potential change begins for the Redskins. Some may believe that the team needs upgrades at the skill positions on offense, but the short comings on offense must be disected first. By examining the injuries on the offensive line one can see the inconsistency of the running game. Imagine how much more effective the offense will be with a healthy Jansen and Thomas.

The team needs to address the offensive line woes and depth. Kendall and Fabini are capable NFL offensive lineman, but would be better as backups on a Super Bowl caliber team. The Redskins appear to be a better pass blocking unit than run unit. Denver is adept at finding athletic and agile lineman to run the zone stretch running plays. The Skins need to find some help at the guard position going into next year and find out what type of OL they will be. Will they be a bruising line like in the '80s or an agile demolishing strecth run unit like in Denver or a pass first unit?

Also on the Skins hit parade of line help would be some help at DT or DE. Wilson has proven to be quite the pass rush specialist who should see considerable more time on the field next year, but the Redskins need someone they can count on every down and especially on big plays to sack the QB and force some turnovers. Wilson may grow into this role, but at the limited role we're seeing him in this year, we'd never know. A better and more consistent pass rush would take pressure off the secondary miami seo agency and allow Greg Williams even more flexibility in devising game plans to punish the opposition.

With an aging Shawn Springs and another corner back in Carlos Rogers that was accustomed to playing a zone scheme in college, the team needs to find another corner that can play in one-on-one coverage as Rogers hasn't adjusted to man coverage as he is repeatedly beaten on pass routes. Finding some younger depth at the linebacker position as Godfrey and Fletcher gain another year on their long resume. Finding specialists and role players used to be a mainstay in Richie Pettibone's defense with the likes of Milot, Coleman, Kaufman, Walton, and Gouveia. It would be great to develop future starters, as well as, strong role players that can start when injury strike.

Lastly, a nice possession receiver that can break open by running exceptional routes would compliment Moss and Randel-El so well. It would allow both Moss and Randel-El to maximize their skills by running intermediate and deep passing routes to exploit the opposing corners. Cooley and the possesion wide out would take the burden away from Moss & Rande-El allowing them to do what they do best.

This season will probably see the departure of Brunell, Lloyd, and Daniels. McIntosh, Torrence, Campbell, and Heyer gained great experience going into next year. With more of a pass rush and effective blocking the team should be even better next year. Hopefully the team will be a lot healthier and can improve on this season. Having more picks this year should certainly help. Stay tuned as draft season approaches for more Redskins updates.

The New Peter Angelos - The DC Sports Page

In the course of two weeks Snyder has successfully done the following things:

• made the Redskins the laughing stock of sports, not just the NFL
• destroyed the team that Joe Gibbs put together
• made it such that at least the near term future for the Redskins will be as unbearable as the Norv – Spurrier era


Snyder lied to the fans. He lied about continuity. He lied about having learned from Gibbs. And he lied about feeling this team is close to being consistently competitive. Either that or he has the logic of an ameba. Wait. That’s unfair to the ameba.

Is it ‘continuity’ to bring in an entirely new coaching staff who will want their own type of players? Or at the least would require the players to learn an entirely new system? With the hiring of Jim Zorn as the new Offensive Coordinator, it will mean at the least that QB Jason Campbell will be learning his 3rd new system in the NFL in just his 4th year in the league. Is that considered progress? Is that considered, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

And while we’re on the topic, why was Al Saunders so vilified by Snyder and Vinny Cerrato? Did they expect that Saunders should have been successful in year 1 here under an aging QB in Mark Brunell? Todd Collins, who was under Saunders’ system for seven years, said that it would take at least 1 year to grasp the offense. Or did Snyder and Cerrato believe that Campbell should have been playing like Trent Green in his prime during this past season? Or maybe the Seattle playoff game had them thinking that a timing offense can’t work against a quick defense? Never mind that fact that the ‘Skins were playing in the noisiest stadium in the league limiting their ability to get off the snap quickly and that the right side of the offensive line consisted of an undrafted rookie tackle and a backup guard.


Snyder has disrespected Gibbs, the coaching staff he left behind, the fans, and the players. Heck, even Jim Fassel feels “used”.

By blowing up the coaching staff assembled by Gibbs, Snyder is in effect saying to Gibbs, “Thanks for everything, but no thanks. The people you chose suck and I can do better.” Joe Gibbs chose the people on this staff not to fill job vacancies, but for their ability to carry the Redskins into the future. Gibbs knew that this time around, that it would be sooner rather than later he’d be leaving. Gibbs loves the cheapest seo hosting Redskins. Gibbs loves the fans. He wouldn’t have come back if he didn’t. Gibbs wanted to put the Redskins organization back on the path of being a consistent winner for the organization and the fans. What better way to do that than to put in a staff that can carry on once you decide to step down? It was his every intention to make sure that transition would be smooth once he left. Obviously, Snyder feels he has more football acumen than a Hall of Fame coach.

To compound this, Snyder makes Gibbs do the dirty work of ‘apologizing’ to the current staff that the search is taking so long. Snyder doesn’t have the decency to do this himself. But of course he does everything behind the scenes, like run a smear campaign against Gregg Williams, stating that Williams disrespected Gibbs in the interviews. I guess Snyder disrespects the fans enough to believe they are gullible enough to accept this. I’m sure this is an attempt to quell fan outrage that Williams won’t be hired as the next head coach.

And how do you think the players feel about this? Granted, it’s the players’ job to play football, not run the front office, but almost every player has come out in support of Williams. Let’s face it. At the end of the day, teams are about talent and chemistry. I can’t see there being much chemistry if the players feel their thoughts about the situation aren’t being respected.


The lies and disrespect will all add up to failure for the Washington Redskins. This team will be even more dysfunctional than when before Gibbs came back. The players that stay will have to learn whole new systems. Those that have no choice but to stay won’t want to play for the new staff, but rather will just be collecting checks. The cap issues which the Redskins have always been able to manage to this point will actually become real issues. There are rumors that because of the current happenings, some players will refuse to renegotiate which will force the Redskins to release them. For a team that’s currently $20 million over the cap, it will mean the loss of a lot of talent and lots of dead cap space.

All of this seemed unfathomable just 3 weeks ago. Especially with the tragedy of Sean Taylor’s death and how it brought the team together to end the season so strongly. There was real hope for this team that it finally had the major pieces in place talent-wise along with the new found bond among staff and players that would propel the Redskins to greater success next season.

In just two weeks, Snyder has destroyed all that.